Nara & 5G

Since its beginnings, Nara EdTech has partnered & worked with both Turkish and Global Telecommunication giants on grand projects; and has accomplished much that was deemed impossible.

Our Partners

VR Education with 5G

Nara Educational Technologies tested 5G technology
in partnership with Turkey's telecommunications giant
Turk Telekom and Huawei Technologies. 5G
technology helped to download faster 3D objects in
NLab AR/VR Prototyping Lab.


360 Live Stream and Live Chat on VR

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities; Nara, with Huawei and Turkcell, developed a 5G VR Communications System in Trabzon. The System would transfer the perspective of the Soccer player to Istanbul, where a young fan with disabilities would view via their VR headset. The young fan would then give voice commands to the player with the same sequence and feel as if they were playing. From the soccer player to the fan and then back, the entire communication process would take less than 30 milliseconds.

Click here to watch it go down!

Vodafone Group Plc

Vodafone Playroom

Tablet Controlled Multiplayer VR Experience

Nara EdTech has developed a new Tablet-Controlled Multiplayer VR Application where an operator using tablet computer manages and redirects users in VR. Operator can select and watch each user’s experience.

The Connection between VR Users, and the Tablet operator is established using 5G Technologies.