N – Lab

N-Lab is a platform that provides innovative, creative and unique solutions that use Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, primarily in education, industry, healthcare, advertising, marketing and more.”

Nara EdTech.
New level virtual experience

What’s in the N-Lab?

N-Lab is an AR / VR system that includes various objects such as 3D object viewer, personal room, media room (developing), classroom, design room, simulation station, game station.

Low Cost Educational Practice

Education Module

Users can be upload their three-dimensional design into the cloud. Then they can prototype themselves and their friends ‘ designs as AR with Anroid tablet. In the same way, they can view and prototype their designs in VR environment with the VR application. They can edit and save the 3D design in the Virtual Reality system.

Customize your space

Personal Module

The N-Lab VR system has a personal room where all users can customize and develop according to their interests and tastes. Users can download and use 3D designs from the internet. Users can hold meetings in their personal rooms with private access. It can make impressive presentations with 3D graphics and make meetings more efficient. It is a system that can minimize the time and cost loss of companies. Users can invite friends to their personal rooms to organize interactive events and turn a personal technology like VR into a social environment.

Play & Develop & Share your moments

Entertainment Module

You can play games and watch videos and movies in the entertainment rooms. Games designed specifically for N-Lab will take your entertainment to the next level. With the browser plug-in, the internet world will be ready for you during your VR experience. You’ll be able to use the most popular video and movie platforms without leaving your VR experience. The simulation station is ready to provide users with exciting, unique experience