Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

VR can simulate real workspaces for training and experience. It can be used to provide users with a virtual environment where they can develop their skills without the real-world consequences of failure.

It can be used in education, health, industry, military, architectural design fields.

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Nara offers innovative, creative and original solutions primarily in education, industry, healthcare, advertising, marketing and many other areas, using Virtual Reality (VR) Technologies

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New Level Virtual Experience

N-Lab is a platform that provides innovative, creative and unique solutions that use Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, primarily in education, industry, healthcare, advertising, marketing and more.

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Low Cost Educational Practice

Education Module

Users can be upload their three-dimensional design into the cloud. Then they can prototype themselves and their friends ‘ designs as AR with Anroid tablet. In the same way, they can view and prototype their designs in VR environment with the VR application. They can edit and save the 3D design in the Virtual Reality system.

Story-Based Interactive VR Innovative Learning For Children

StoryBee is an application developed to enable students to learn various topics in a story-based virtual reality setting by interactively solving problems in three dimensions through the supervision of a tablet user.

Story integrated virtual reality education model improves the learning process in a 3D and interactive environment while supporting the learning of children in the age group of 10-15 on different subjects. It also prolongs the permanence of the learned knowledge due to its realistic and immersive experience.

Multiple Environment Packages

Space & Spatial Evolution

Learn how the stars formed, and how the Earth came to be

Nature & Environment

Learn how life flows & Nature evolves

Technology and Inventions

Learn about our Inventions and how we use them

Geography & Our World

Learn how natural phenomenons occur & the Earth works

Custom Order Scenarios

From Mathematics to History, From Primary Education to Technical Training

You can order Custom Scenarios and We’ll deliver!

Teacher-Guided VR Education Support Systems

Are you a Teacher, looking for modern teaching materials?

Utilize VR Technologies to enhance your teaching!

Want to solidify your children's learning at home?

Learning with VR will ensure that subjects your child learns, sticks with them


Want to Improve your employees' skills?

VR helps trainees become skillful professionals quickly!


Are you someone who likes to self-improve?

The VR Experience will improve your perception, and you can learn a lot faster!